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Sunday, August 19, 2007

ohmygosh!! some crappy barker idiot is blogging about how we, the powerful and beautiful ones need to get a life. check this:
TYPICAL WK hahahahahahaha. PLUS he AND his friends from the lower life forms are all GAY. "dotally".

perfect prom princess & silver spoons. ;

Thursday, April 26, 2007

my mum's birthday was yesterday!!! :DD
we went to sushi tei and spent like over $100
we weren't even full
and we went to bakerzin for dessert.
the creme brulee ws like only like 2and 1/2 inches in diameter.
but it was nice ^--^
prince|s.s. meera is so weird.
she keeps telling everybody to call her princess meera
which no one does
we just call her prince ass meera
i wonder who the princess ass is.........
prince|s.s. meera seems more appropriate i think
my a math totally sucks now.
it was okay until i started sitting next to meera
wahaha meera. i know you're reading this
meera was tearing just now while eating her red bowl noodles during recess
did you know mr seow's favourite canteen food is red bowl noodles?
i wonder why she was crying...
maybe cos she heard he was leaving..

perfect prom princess & silver spoons. ;

Sunday, February 11, 2007

my sis got her o-level results today! yayyayyay. its really good ! im not telling you what she got; if you want to know go ask her yourself
because if i told you and she didnt want me to tell you,
it would be awfully rude ):
so anyway, she came home from shcool and she was so happy (and talking on the hp)
and my mum was all raising eyebrows and all (like she was thinking "using my hp while coming back to talk to her friends?" that kind of look.
and then she came into the house and she was talking so loudly, almost shouting
(perhaps she was too happy) (:
then i went upstairs to do my work and i could still hear my mum and sis talking.
and my mum is like sorta against shouting in the house
but they were talking REALLY loudly.
then when my dad came back my sis was like "hey! i got * points!" then my dad was like " * points ONLY??"
then we went to sakae at westmall!!
to celebrate (we had 2 $20 vouchers for sakae anyway :D)
we ate and the total was about $85.90
i drank too much green tea
bloated (:


perfect prom princess & silver spoons. ;

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

in rhapsody it played among the stars

perfect prom princess & silver spoons. ;